We pioneered fundamental research in Bangladesh. Now, we are breaking ground with our technology.

We are a group of financial analysts and investors working in Bangladesh capital market since 2010. Through our work tenure we realized there is massive need for wealth management services for all classes of people. Its not just stock picking advices for upper or upper middle class, a total money management solution is needed for everyone in this country. And this problem has several components including but not limited to equity, fixed income and other forms of investing; personal finance management tools, and training and tutorials on everything related money management.

We are solving this problem by breaking it into several products, which makes it easier to manage. Our key strengths is in capital market due to our work tenure here, so we started off with a stock market analysis tool and a mutual fund analysis tool. We want to keep solving all of the components of this problem till every adult in this country has easy access to wealth management solution.

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